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Lawyers from Across Japan for the Victims of the Unification Church

Who we are

Legal Efforts in Japan to Assist Victims of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification of Japan (“UC Japan”) - Japanese Lawyer Team Supporting Victims of the Unification Church.

Who We Are

We, the Lawyer Team, consisting of more than 350 lawyers across Japan, are representing victims who have suffered significant damages and losses caused by the actions of UC Japan and its affiliates, seeking relief for these victims through court actions procedures and directly negotiated settlements. The victims include former followers of UC Japan and their families.

Japanese Courts Find Orchestrated Tortious Conduct of UC Japan
UC Japan encouraged followers to expend money in the form of “offerings” and to purchase “spiritual goods”. Japanese courts have held that the activities of UC Japan in soliciting these offerings and purchases are “illegal”, based on evidence demonstrating these activities were conducted in an extremely malicious and deceptive manner, resulting in significant harm. Japanese courts further found that UC Japan’s activities were orchestrated for the purpose of obtaining monetary gains for UC Japan. We consider these holdings to be the established court position on which we rely.

Japanese courts correctly evaluated the history of UC Japan in Japan: many families have been ruined and destroyed as a result of association with or membership in UC Japan. The typical story is that targeted individuals are mentally and emotionally entrapped, believing they have no choice other than to make offerings or purchase spiritual goods. The costs involved are entirely unaffordable on the basis of their respective assets or income. Individuals become illegally deprived of genuine-free-will judgment through a malicious and manipulative indoctrination process that involves intentional concealment of religious identity and core beliefs, deceptional use of false fortune-tellers “forecasting” baseless bad fortune and doom, and threats that the individual and their family suffer from “curses”. Some individuals have ended up in bankruptcy due to borrowings they made to pay for their offerings and spiritual good purchases.

Notable Amount of Damages Being Officially Claimed
Further, the amount of monetary damages caused is notable as the charts below show: (as of Jun 9, 2024)

Appropriate Resolution
Given that many victims are of advanced age or in extreme financial hardship, it is evident that resolution as soon as possible would be most appropriate.
Accordingly, in reliance on the court holdings that UC Japan is liable in tort for its conduct, the Lawyer Team has asked UC Japan to cooperate in returning money to the victims it has exploited.

Regrettably, however, UC Japan has neither accepted its responsibilities to the victims nor negotiated with our Team in good faith.

Our Action Going Forward
We are fully committed to move forward, faithful to a Japanese lawyer’s mission, set out in statute, of protecting human rights and seeking social justice, so that (1) victims can receive some measure of relief through receiving monetary awards that in some way provide compensation for the damages and sufferings they have incurred, (2) the harms that have resulted to Japanese society are eradicated, and (3) these and similar harms are prevented from happening in the future.


世界平和統一家庭連合(UC ジャパン)被害者支援のための日本における法的取り組み - 統一教会被害者を支援する日本の弁護団

私たち弁護団は、全国350名以上の弁護士で構成され、UC ジャパンおよびその関連団体の行為によって多大な損害・損失を被った被害者の代理人として、裁判手続きや直接交渉による和解を通じて、被害者の救済を求めています。被害者の中には、UC ジャパンの元信者やその家族も含まれています。

日本の裁判所がUC ジャパンの組織的不法行為を認定
UC ジャパンは信者に「献金」という形や霊感商法での金銭の支出を促していました。日本の裁判所は、これらの献金や購入を勧誘するUC ジャパンの活動は「違法」であるとしましたが、これは、これらの活動が極めて悪質で欺瞞的な方法で行われ、重大な被害をもたらしたことを示す証拠に基づき示されています。日本の 裁判所はさらに、UC ジャパンの活動はUC ジャパンの金銭的利益を得る目的で組織的に行われたと判断しています。これらの判示は、確立された裁判所の立場であり、我々弁護団が依拠するものです。

日本の裁判所は、日本におけるUC ジャパンの歴史を正しく評価しています。UC ジャパンとの関わりやUC ジャパンのメンバーであることが原因で、多くの家族が破滅し、破壊されてきました。典型的なストーリーは、ターゲットにされた個人が精神的、感情的に身動きとれなくされ、献金を捧げたり、霊感商法で購入したりする以外に選択肢がないと思い込んでしまうというものです。かかる費用は、それぞれの資産や収入ではまったく手の届かないものです。宗教であることや核となる信条を意図的に隠したり、根拠のない不運や破滅を「予言」する偽の占師によってだまされたり、本人や家族が「呪い」に苦しむと脅したりする悪質で操作的な入信プロセスによって、個人は自由意志による判断を違法に奪われます。献金や霊感商法のために借金をし、破産に追い込まれた人もいます。

さらに、以下のグラフが示すように、金銭的損害の大きさも特筆すべきものです: (2024/6/9現在)

従って、UC ジャパンはその行為に対して不法行為責任を負うという裁判所の判示を信頼し、弁護士チームはUC ジャパンに対し、UC ジャパンが搾取した被害者への金銭返還に協力するよう要請しました。

しかし残念なことに、UC ジャパンは被害者に対する責任を認めず、私たちのチームと誠実に交渉することもしませんでした。